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Hi there ! I’m Yves Louis and I am working for Cisco as Solution Architect for Data Center and Virtualization.

In addition to the “traditional” networking, storage and computing architecture designs I’ve been working for many years on networking solutions to interconnect data centers with my colleagues and friends Patrice Bellagamba and Max Ardica (co-experts on DCI solutions)  who have been a continual great support elaborating these articles.

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  1. roeen says:

    hi sir,
    wonderfull site.
    i have situation that is little diffrent from the solutions i saw on your site.
    for exmaple , i have data center for hosting customers.. for DR’s for exmplae.
    customer want to transfer his enviroment with QinQ provider lines to my DC.
    he want all his VLANS without changing to tranfer to my DC.
    if i uses QinQ, Qin VNI , VXLAN , how it help me?
    lets assume that all the vlans arrived to my DC with single vlan (like QinQ), now i need to configure all the vlans donstream at the shared vmware envoiroment..
    at the vmware all the existing vlans of the dc already configured how we can solve the duplicate at this layer, and also at shared firewall (VCOM)

    • admin says:

      Hello sir, have you been through this article for hosters ?

      It depends if you want to keep the same VLAN ID or not. You can have dup MAC as long as they don’t share the same broadcast domain, and you can have dup IP addresses as long as they don’t share the same routing instance (different VRF). But if you mean duplicated VLAN ID between multiple clients, then you need to double-encapsulate the frames. Depending on scalability requirements, you can translate the VLAN ID of interest to make them to appear unique.

      Let me know, yves

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