19 – vCenter, ACE and OTV – Dynamic Workload Scaling (DWS)

VCenter has the ability to manually or dynamically control system resource use and allocate workload based on the physical resources available throughout the cloud.

The Cisco ACE has the ability to distribute traffic load to multiple physical or virtual servers within a server farm, using different weights based on the performances of the systems or other criteria understood by the system managers.

OTV has the native ability to detect MAC address movement from one site to another via the extension of Layer 2 that it provides.

Combining vCenter, ACE, and OTV can provide a complete solution that can detect the movement of VMs from one site to another in real time (OTV) and modify the weight associated with each real server accordingly, via the Application Network Manager (ANM) of the ACE. By monitoring and defining alarm thresholds using vCenter©, this solution can alleviate the local server farm by sending requests with variable ratio to the servers located on the remote data center.

This provides a very fine granularity and dynamic distribution of the resources that can be preferable for a specific duration, and therefore optimizes the bandwidth between remote sites used by these flows.

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