White Papers

Inter-cloud Network White Paper (2012): The following document guides the reader through the different components required for interconnecting multiple data centers supporting the network, storage and compute resources spread over distant locations to form a distributed virtual data center for the cloud computing. It emphasizes the differences between Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance plans.

Data Center Interconnect Overview (2012)

VxLAN BGP EVPN for DCI deployment (2015): This paper discusses the evolution of VxLAN and whether it is suitable for a DCI solution. It covers the current implementation and emphasizes the Cisco enhanced implementation of VxLAN protocol with its control plane MP-BGP/EVPN. It examines current shortcomings and presents the potential requirements for VxLAN to offer a solid DCI environment.

VxLAN with Control Plane BGP EVPN Address Family for DCI deployment 1.1(1)

VXLAN Multipod Design for Intra-Data Center and Geographically Dispersed Data Center Sites (2016):  This document discusses the deployment model for extending the VXLAN EVPN fabric across geographically dispersed locations or between separate data center rooms deployed within an enterprise campus. It provides design and configuration recommendations that apply specifically to the interconnection of geographically dispersed pods. It also emphasizes the enhanced features that Cisco provides in its VXLAN EVPN control-plane implementation.Note that unless you are using the EVPN control plane and some critical  enhanced features, you should avoid extending VXLAN outside a physical data center location. It is definitely not recommend the use of the basic flood & learn data-plane-only implementation of VXLAN for interconnecting data center fabrics.

VXLAN Multipod geographically dispersed

VXLAN Dual-Fabric (aka Multi-Fabric)

Endpoind localization for EW traffic optimization using LISP IGP Assist