Macro Water drops

Nothing to do with DCI, but some folks asked me about how I made the picture of the 3 coloured water drops presented in the main page.

There is no trick. It’s just fun. I programmed an Arduino controlling 3 electro-valves to set off 3 times 2 consecutive water drops (spaced by 90 msecs) and trigger a set of 5 photoflashes at after a few hundred msecs ( time computed for the second drop to hit the 1st drop bouncing once) for a very short duration (1/128 sec) – The photo camera (100 mm) is set to B position and it is also controlled by the Arduino to start/stop 1 second before/after the light. All colours comes from dye of food and liquid is usually water but there are few drops of milk.

Water Drops

This was just a series of tests I made during my vacations but I would love to find time to practice further and go deeper with these photographies.